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Bitcoin-related activities are not prohibited by the Chinese government as the cryptocurrency acts as a virtual commodity.
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Le rivolte costano, e qualcuno deve ben averle pagate. Questa volta Navalny rischia davvero grosso. Molta gente ha riposto in esse la propria fiducia, unitamente ad un compulsivo desiderio di guadagno. Si fa un debito in valuta virtuale e lo si tramuta immediatamente in valuta solida. Dopo il vi fu un fiorire di ricette su come fare la zuppa di tulipani. Il fatto che a pensare alle valute virtuali sia il Venezuela indurrebbe ad avere pensieri non belli su tutta la faccenda. Ma il fatto che i russi stiano meditando metterebbe in campo una nazione con enormi scorte energetiche: «conceptual study shows that blockchain technology can be adapted to meet the current needs and requirements of the financial system ….

The prototype works. Both governments, with ambitions to create state-sponsored cryptocurrencies, are looking to take advantage of the promise that Bitcoin introduced to the world financial system: a new kind of money and financial infrastructure, outside the control of any central authority, particularly the United States.

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The Russian and Venezuelan plans may sound outlandish, even in the financial Wild West of Bitcoin and its online competitors. But they underscore how the rise of virtual currencies is pushing governments around the world to rethink the most basic elements of their own currencies and financial infrastructure.

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What has seemed like a fringe concept is starting to gain some level of acceptance in global finance. In Venezuela, the idea has come from the top. In Russia, officials under President Vladimir V. Putin have floated the idea of a Bitcoin-like crypto ruble. That runs counter to some of the most basic concepts of virtual currency. All Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a ledger known as the blockchain, which is maintained by many independent computers. The system was designed that way explicitly to avoid central banks and large financial institutions.

Just as email allowed messages to move around without going through a central postal service, the computer network maintaining Bitcoin records allows money to move around without going through any central authority. That would provide a good way to get around sanctions, which are usually enforced through regulatory and banking disclosure rules.

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But some central bankers have said that issuing their own currencies on some sort of blockchain could make it easier for citizens to use the money without going through intermediaries like banks and credit card companies. It could also make the records more resistant to tampering and hacking. These projects, though, have been slow to move from prototype to working systems, and many officials and programmers have pointed to many technical hurdles that still need to be overcome.

None of that has stopped Venezuela from moving forward quickly with its effort to create a digital asset that the government can control.

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Maduro introduced the idea on Dec. Since then, the government has created an office of the cryptocurrency superintendent and appointed officials to run the operation. The link between Petros and natural resources could be similar to the backing that gold provided for most international currencies a century ago.

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Open technology, clear rules that meet the attributes of the cryptocoin: decentralization, for example. Over the last few years, Venezuelans have shown a growing interest in virtual currencies as a means of escaping Mr. This year, the number of transactions in Venezuela on LocalBitcoins has risen tenfold, according to Chainalysis, a data analysis firm. The Venezuelan government has not been nearly as welcoming of this type of virtual currency activity.

L'anniversario della perdita di bitcoin da cui nacquero gli hardware wallet

Randy Brito, the founder of the Facebook group Bitcoin Venezuela, said that in December he identified between 10 and 20 cases where people in Venezuela appeared to have been arrested for their Bitcoin activities — more than double the cases he had seen in the year up until now. In most cases, buying any sort of foreign currency is illegal in Venezuela. That prevents residents from sending all of their money out of the country.

Brito, who left Venezuela in and now lives in Spain, said everyone in his group was aware of how the government was punishing its citizens for doing the same thing that the government was trying to do within the broader financial system. Putin has pointed out the many potential illegal uses of the technology. But Mr. Putin has indicated that he is open to potential uses of the technology that would be under his control.

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The court issued the ruling in a case brought before it featuring a dispute over a contract involving the transfer of cryptocurrencies. According to the details of the case, the plaintiff and the defendant entered into an agreement where the latter individual managed a cryptocurrency portfolio on behalf of the former. However, the plaintiff accused the defendant of reneging on the agreed upon deadline to return the cryptocurrencies.

Buttressing the argument, the defendant also said the ban removed all trading venue with which to facilitate the transfer of the cryptocurrencies back to the plaintiff as stipulated by the contract. La Corte di arbitrato internazionale di Shenzhen ha stabilito un caso relativo alle criptovalute. In response, the court faulted the argument of the defendant stating that the September ban did not cover the private transfer of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The Shenzhen court ruling bears similarities with one issued by an arbitration court in Moscow earlier in the year which classified cryptocurrencies as property. The verdict came about during a bankruptcy proceeding filed by one Ilya Tsarkov.

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  • Classifying Bitcoin and other digital currencies as property offers up the possibility of tax implications. In Russia, the government also ruled in July that cryptocurrency owners will not be placed in a separate tax bracket. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Invia comunicato stampa.