Hedge bitcoin with futures

In futures, a trader may opt to go long, which means they will buy a contract worth a certain amount of Bitcoin and hope that BTC price will go up. If BTC price goes up, they may opt to sell that contract and keep the difference.
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It is, therefore, increasingly imperative that we rethink portfolio management strategies, even for conservative profiles. Genesis owned by DCG, the parent of CoinDesk has issued its Digital Asset Market Report for Q3, which shows a strong growth in lending and trading volumes, and highlights an interesting industry shift. These are still generally too illiquid to withstand significant institutional interest, but the experimentation going on in the field as well as on the part of investors points to the eventual emergence of innovative services and strategies that can handle greater volumes with controlled risk.

This highlights that the crypto asset market is growing up, which will bring in more institutional money, which in turn will incentivize further product and service development from Genesis and others. This virtuous circle is propelling the market to where it should be: a liquid and sophisticated alternative asset market that is poised to influence how professional investors approach asset allocation more broadly.

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The report also revealed Genesis is working on a suite of products and services designed to boost the flow of institutional funds into and around the crypto market: a lending API that will allow deposit aggregators to earn yield, capital introduction and fund administration, and agency trading.

These, together with the Q3 introduction of custody services, will further consolidate its growing network of market investors and infrastructure participants. This could point to growing consolidation in the crypto markets: the emergence of one-stop shops that aim to help clients with all aspects of crypto asset management. One often-cited barrier to crypto investment is the fragmentation in the industry, and the relative complications involved in taking a position in crypto assets.

Bitcoin’s inefficiencies are creating arbitrage trades for crypto hedge funds

Smoothing these obstacles will make it easier for professional investors to take tentative steps into the space, and the access to liquidity could encourage some to make big statements. Genesis will not be alone in this drive, and we could see a race from other known names to add to their stable of institutional-facing services.

How to HEDGE your cryptocurrency portfolio during a downtrend! (margin, futures, options, etc.)

Either way, the industry benefits from the added experience, and a maturing market infrastructure. This week will no doubt go down in history as one of the more surreal when it comes to events driving markets. First, Tuesday was the longest day I can remember.

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Third, the bitcoin price is defying gravity at a particularly confusing time, adding election outcomes and political uncertainty to the potential narratives that the market loves to grasp at. But the strong growth indicates a substantial increase in retail demand for bitcoin, which could in part explain the growth in BTC addresses and, of course, the price momentum. In a post, the company said it was working on improving existing bitcoin custody and execution services, and building new products. We published a special series of articles and op-eds related to our Bitcoin for Advisors event on Nov.

This newsletter has not focused much on ether ETH , the native token of the Ethereum blockchain, because it lags bitcoin in terms of market cap, liquidity, derivatives and number of onramps.

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Its infrastructure is maturing, though, and it is undergoing significant technological changes that will impact its value proposition. Ethereum 2.

Benefits of Trading Bitcoin Futures

The genesis time for Eth 2. It could also enhance interest in staked ETH, as it in theory offers liquidity to those participating, and removes the illiquidity barrier for some investors. We covered this and other congestion indicators in our Monthly Review, October , which you can download for free here. Subscribe to , Subscribe.

This raises the question: What should a portfolio hedge for? What is the biggest investment risk faced by savers of today? Second, stocks seem to love uncertainty. Who knew.

How To Invest In Bitcoin Futures

Read more about What is more, in the case of full hedge, the investor can never go bankrupt. On the other hand, partial hedge is cheaper and thus if the investor perceives the risk of a breakdown as extremely small, it might be a better choice. Exchange Status Continuous Trading. QDX Spot Index QDX Settlement Index Script Blocker Detected. Please adjust your script settings in order to trade on Quedex. How to enable JavaScript? Certain funds may employ a strategy that is based on a return relative to bitcoin.

Hence an alternative is to put hedges in place so as to reduce your overall exposure as you slowly trickle out your cryptos into the market over a longer period of time. These are just a few reasons I could think of and am sure there are others. The post above is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Any and all information perceived through such posts, through either audio, visual, verbal or written means, should be considered the personal opinions, strategies and examples of the author and reflect his or her judgement as of the date of publication, are subject to change, and do not constitute investment or trading advice.

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Why You Would Use This The key reasons to use this are the same as futures with the main difference being that the short funding rate means that the perpetual swaps track the underlying prices closer than the future for most cases. How You Construct This The portfolio construction is the same as inverse futures so you can refer to the previous instructions except you would need an account with crypto futures exchange that offers perpetual futures.

Summary Just like futures, hedging with swaps is best suited for crypto investors that carry the standard coins and want to hedge their exposures in an efficient way. Extra: Why Do People Hedge? Good Audience The front page of Deep Tech. Good Audience Follow. Written by Cham Ho Follow. More From Medium. Jimi S. Nils in Good Audience.

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