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Full-time is defined as being enrolled for a minimum of 12 credits per quarter.
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Sociology Toggle Sociology. Software Development Toggle Software Development. They are alkyl poly alkoxylates.

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The water diluted grades, indicated by the index XL.. The products provide excellent wetting properties and solubilizing properties. Formulations with sensivity to odour can be prepared with such grades due to their lower smelling character. They are based on saturated iso-Calcohol. They provide a low, medium and high EO degree. EO degree of medium and high are water-diluted grades to keep the liquid form.

According to their structure they are used where wetting, emulsification and soil removal power is needed. They are ethoxylates based on castor oil providing various degrees of EO numbers. Due to their molecular structure they are offering emulsification and dispersing properties. They are ethoxylates of sorbitol, also known as glucitol, which is a sugar alcohol. Properties of emulsification as well as dispersing are provided. They are alkyl polyethylene glycol ether based on native unsaturated fatty alcohol. They are available with low and medium EO-degree.

They are modified alkyl polyethylene glycol ethers with improved process behaviour in comparison to the standard fatty alcohol ethoxylates. They are available from medium EO degree to high EO degree. All products are water diluted and therefore liquid solutions. Due to their molecular structure they provide emulsification and stabilizing properties.

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With high ethoxylation degree, the stabilizing properties are stronger. According to their performance they are substitutes for banned alkyl aryl phenol ethoxylates. They are alkyl polyglucosides made from saturated native alcohol and glucose. The used linear alcohol chain varies from C, and C Due to their structure they provide stabilization properties.